Life Coaching to keep you motivated

Here is some sage advice from Byron Bay. I recently retreated from the hustle and bustle of Sydney life and found myself this cute mantra on the back of a cafe menu:


Easy to practice in Byron Bay I have to admit. Following it in Sydney? Hmmmm.

Each year I progressively see clients increasing their stress levels as the months go by. Come December people are seriously ready for some R&R.

Leaving your self care until the end of the year is no way to live a healthy, productive and productive life.

Self care is no longer a luxury we can delay. Stress isn't going to hold back and delay it's wear and tear on our bodies, minds and relationships. It's chipping away constantly, stealing our vitality and energy.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

It's April, how about securing some self care NOW so you don't have to remedy some huge crisis down the track?

Here are my top tips for managing your self care in an easy and effortless way.

1) Do something that raises your spirits - Make yourself laugh, see old friends, make new friends, watch a comedian or reminisce over photos of happy memories. Anything that makes you focus on fun.

2) Keep your promises - if you promised yourself a night of Netflix, honour it. Don't put off that massage until next week. If you said your wanted to pause a project, don't start googling research or thinking about it. You've parked it for a reason.

3) Show your loves ones you care - think of something you can do for your loved ones. Show them you are thinking of them and that you care. Putting your energy in to someone you love counters stress and makes us feel good.

4) Eat properly - honour thy body. Do not skip meals. Prepare in advance and treat your body with respect and it will respect you.

5) Get more sleep - I don't even need to speak to you to know you aren't getting enough sleep. Am I right? Schedule three nights a week for the next fortnight where you get an extra hour or two sleep per night. You can thank me later.