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Stay Motivated All Year Long

The buzz of the New Year triggers happy chemicals in your brain as you are motivated and pumped up about your future goals. During the first few weeks you may find yourself focused, excited and energised.  Positive the change is going to last. Unfortunately its then common to experience the ‘lull’.  As the adrenaline starts to wane so does your motivation.  Soon you are witnessing old habits creep back in to your daily lives.  Deflated, you may feel resigned to never making the change you so dearly crave. 

New Years Resolutions or goals are as much a curse as they are a cure for creating the life you want.  By not setting yourself up for success you could damage your self esteem and confidence. There is a practical level which must be fulfilled to achieve your goal.  Ask yourself the following questions every month to reset your goals or resolutions for the year.  This way you will keep them fresh and energised.  Remember, it’s okay to change them as they evolve over the year. 

  1. Is this goal really specific to the point that you will know explicitly when you have completed it.  For example, if it is a health goal do you know specifically what healthy diet you wish to be following on a weekly basis?
  2. Do you have clear measurements in place to ensure you can stay on track to achieve your goal? These are like base camps to check-in on your progress. 
  3. Is your goal achievable under current circumstances? If not, what other changes need to take place and does it involve anyone else? Are they on board with these changes? E.G. if you want to train for a marathon but you are the cook in your household do you need to enrol someone else to cover the meal times while you are in training? Or if you have never run a marathon before is it achievable to run a full one first or better to start with a half marathon?
  4. Make sure you place a time-frame on your goal. It’s not going to happen if it sits in the ‘some day, if only’ mindset. Create specific dates when you want things completed by in order to achieve the goal. 
  5. Get a goal buddy. Ask someone to hold you accountable to your word. It’s different to say you are going to do something to yourself compared to another person. Get the support around you that will keep you on track. 
  6. Have fun, goals are meant to draw you towards them because they inspire and cajole you into being a better person. Make sure your goal truly portrays the positive essence of who you will become once you have achieved it. 
  7. And finally, be kind to yourself. By creating a wealth of kindness, compassion and love for yourself it will be easier to stay motivated because you are working in alignment with your higher self, a powerful source of inspiration.

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