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EMPOWER MAGAZINE - Understanding personality profiles through a life coaching lens.

EMPOWER MAGAZINE - A life coaches guide to celebrating the end of a year. 

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MADISION MAGAZINE - What happens when our friends are our enemies, life coaching sheds some light. 

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HUFFINGTON POST AUSTRALIA - Mothers Day coaching survival guide for the fertility challenged.

Mother’s Day -- if you’re struggling with infertility, it is possibly the cruelest of all commercialised celebrations. As if spending an entire day being reminded of what you are missing isn’t bad enough, there are also the weeks leading up to that day with every shop, petrol station, TV show and magazine capitalising on the event. Aside from retreating into a cave there is literally no escape. 

Authentic Empowerment - As seen on MamaMia

MAMAMIA - A life coach's guide to deal with infertility.

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most natural and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. Your mother did it, your grandmothers did it, and everyone around you may seem to be doing it too. And, of course, when you decided to get in on the action and start your own family, you never considered for a second that infertility would be a factor. 


NEWS.COM.AU - The pressures of IVF treatment and infertility. Help from a fertility coach.

ITS impacts are so great that it has been
said to be the silent killer of friendships.
But it’s not what you might think.
IVF treatment has been hailed the miracle procedure for women and couples unable
to conceive naturally since it became
available in 1978.


DAILY EDITION - Life coaching and supporting women through IVF.

Claire Hall and Dr Devora Lieberman join Tom and Sally to discuss Australian IVF clinics being criticised for misleading women about their chances of falling pregnant.

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SBS LIFE - 6 things a fertility life coach expert wants you to know when trying for a baby. 

Struggling to fall pregnant is probably one of the most emotionally fraught times a couple can experience. From dealing with well-meaning (but still intrusive) questions, pressure from family and your own personal expectations, going cycle after cycle with no pregnancy success will undoubtedly take its toll.

MY BODY + SOUL - Five tips from life coach Claire Hall to make your life happier now.

If you’re like most people, there are a few areas of your life you wouldn’t mind sprucing up, be it mastering your finances, or getting on top of your health. But who has the time?

Life coach Claire Hall says our busy lives needn’t mean resigning to another year of takeaway dinners. There are some secret hacks for supercharging your life, without breaking a sweat.