Good Day Vs Bad Day

The sunset on my 'Good Day'. 

The sunset on my 'Good Day'. 


You know those days when everything just flows perfectly? Things may not be perfect but you feel good, you feel in alignment with the world and there is an air of anticipation and gratitude around you. 
Those days rock.
It is on those days I feel at one with life and can laugh over spilt milk (literally, because I have two boys who like to spill milk) and I have an attitude of faith and curiosity towards how my day will pan out. Basically I feel pretty happy. 
However, some days this is not the case. AT ALL.
On those less aligned days we may feel the acute bumps and jars of life. We fight, attack, react and mistrust all in the name of getting through the day. We are drained, exhausted and worn out. And on these days I seriously lose my cool over spilt milk. (And the rest).
Thankfully the difference between a good aligned day compared to, let’s just call it a ‘bad’ day is within our control.
It’s a basic hard truth but one we often forget: 
You can’t give what you don’t have. 
We must start each day with our cup overflowing. 

This means you get up early (I know, I hear your pain but just try it) and make time for you.

Do things that make you feel good. Be it exercise, meditation, journaling, playing with your dog, doing a jigsaw, making a green smoothie or watching the sun come up, you name it then just do it. 
By doing this you are filling up your cup and a full cup means we feel good. We raise our energy and therefore our outlook in the world. 
Can you imagine starting your day feeling content and happy? How does this compare to how you start your day now? 
Don’t expect anyone else to make you feel good or rescue your day. It’s not their job. It’s down to you. 
When your cup is overflowing you have something of value to offer others. You show up in to the world ready for action, inspiration and possibilities. 
When your cup is drained it’s a recipe for groundhog day, stuck in the trenches of life. 
Let me challenge you to just one day this week when you set your alarm 30 minutes earlier.

How will you fill your cup?