Frequently asked questions


What is a Life Coach and what does a Life Coach do?

A life coach is someone who stretches you outside of your comfort zone and helps you create clarity and vision around your goals. They hold the space for you to create your ideal life by mapping out the steps and simplifying the process of change. A life coach also holds you accountable to your actions and rewiring old habits into new positive behaviours.  The majority of the world's most successful people have personal and professional coaches to help drive them to greater accomplishment and self awareness. 

How is Life Coaching different from Executive and Business Coaching?
The process is extremely similar however the emphasis is different.  Executive and business coaching is designed to address the demands on high achieving individuals within their corporate or business life.  Specifically around leadership, strategy, professional development and reducing stress whilst achieving more. 

You will probably find that even if you are wanting a highly focused program that an overlap inevitably exists within the different areas of your life.  My qualifications and experience provide you with an optimum coaching program based on your personal needs and preferences. 

What sort of clients do you coach?
Most of my clients are professionals in the corporate and business sectors and are a mix of employees at various levels and business owners.  Clients are usually seeking life coaching within the frame-work of both their professional and personal objectives.   This may be based on a desire to improve skills, income, work-life balance, communication or relationships. 

I also coach a range of people outside of this general scope who may be in the areas of creative arts, philanthropy, full time home carers and soon to be or current retirees.  For more information on how life coaching might help you click here

How do I really know I will get results?
I have carefully acquired a solid track record with the hundreds of people who have experienced my
life coaching programs and workshops.  It’s a tried and tested process that is also tailored to your personal style.  Please also refer to the testimonals page to see what others have achieved, however you should note that your success will depend on the energy, time and effort you are willing to put into your coaching program.  
A life coach will use their skills, training and experience to support you and hold you accountable
to extend yourself for optimum achievement. 

What is the difference between life coaching, counselling and mentoring?
Simply put, life coaching is a forward moving, solution focused process aimed at achieving results using the coaches skills, training and experience to bring out your personal best.  Counselling generally looks at the present and focuses on the past, applying therapy to overcome and delve deeper into issues.  In a Mentoring program your mentor usually has specific experience in a particular field and can offer guidance based on this personal experience, but is usually not trained beyond this.  

What is appropriate to talk about in Coaching?
You can discuss just about anything in your life coaching program providing it is legal and is
working towards a positive outcome in your life.

What locations do you work in?
I coach across the globe via skype and Facetime but have my office based in St Ives in the Upper North Shore of Sydney. I also regularly coach clients via telephone. I will make your coaching sessions as convenient as possible.

What qualifications do you hold?
What a really important question.  “Life Coaching” is a general term that can be used by individuals or organisations with no experience, formal training or qualifications and life coaching is still a largely unregulated industry.  It’s important to be in safe hands. I have over a decade of qualifications, training and experience with over 3000 hours in the coaching chair. Click below to read more about me.