Hello there

I’m Claire Hall, coach and founder of Authentic Empowerment.

In 2004, I immigrated to Australia with nothing but a suitcase and student visa from my beloved England. Having backpacked around Australia, I knew that I was meant to live here. I liked who I was in this land and I wanted to explore the possibilities of creating a life in this amazing country.

Credentials you can trust

I started my Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Coaching at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. After graduation, I studied at Results Coaching Systems in Sydney, specialises in Neuro-Leadership and brain-based coaching. I became a Certified Life Coach in 2005. While building my practice, I studied Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, Business Coaching and Coaches Toolkit, qualifications recognized by the International Coaching Federation of Australia. I also studied with Dr Jeffery Schwartz M.D., author of ‘You are Not Your Brain,’ one of the leading-edge neuroscience courses. To complement the neuroscience approach to therapy, I completed a Reiki Master qualification in energy healing. Today at Authentic Empowerment, I offer a balanced holistic approach. I have spent six years mentoring and assessing new coaches while building Authentic Empowerment. With over a decade of experience and 5,000 coaching hours, I’ve built a coaching practice that my clients can rely on.

My life

As a mother of two young boys, wife to an amazing husband, best friend to our dog, active school mum and board member of the Children’s Cancer Charity, Neuroblastoma Australia, I know the importance of using coaching to stick to my goals, maintain healthy work life balance and turn up every day with the intention of being my best self. 

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