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I gained a great deal of value in working with Claire.  She is absolutely brilliant - astute, clever, motivating.  She has the unique ability of quickly working through the situation and providing advice and support collected from many disciplines.  I now work differently and approach my goals in a more concise and focused manner.  And thanks to Claire I now celebrate success!  She is fantastic.  A very worthwhile experience.  
Georgia (surname withheld by request)

Just wanted to say what a greatexperience!! I believe your business name lives up to its title... you have given me life skills that I can pass on to whoever is open to listening (hopefully my kids!!).   With my profession I can physically see what I have achieved at work, although you may have seen a change in my outlook and my manic ways (misunderstood enthusiasm ) which may give you some job satisfaction... I just had to be sure you got your thoughts correct by saying THANK YOU!
Jason (surname withheld by request)
Business Owner

Thank you Claire for providing me with your professional coaching services. The process you took me through has not only provided me with motivation and improved my performance at work, it has also provided me with the personal skills that will help achieve any goal I set. You have helped me gain a deep understanding of myself, which has helped me to make confident decision as I grow my business.  This has been a valuable and rewarding experience and I would confidently recommend your coaching services without hesitation. 
David Lenaduzzi
Director of Executive Wealth Solutions Pty Ltd

I went through a 10 week coaching programme with Claire after a period where I felt pretty stalled in a number of areas in my life. The sessions can be confronting in some ways to begin with but by half way through the programme I had a very clear idea of what I needed to resolve and what my goals were and found quite quickly that I was making progress in fulfilling them.  At the end of 10 weeks I can say it was definitely worth it, I am living and above all thinking differently to how I had before and I found Claire to be both a skilled and compassionate guide through that development.
Russell (surname withheld by request) 

Claire came recommended to me by my specialist to help me in making a big decision that I didn't how to tackle. Each session was an eye opener, full of tears, laughter and realisations as I was confronted with questions and scenarios you never stop and ask yourself. Claire has a unique ability to ask the right questions to help you determine what your real issues and obstacles are.  At the end of each session, I felt I had a better understanding of myself, my situation and what was really holding me back in order to help me move forward.  Claire brought a lot clarity to my situation and I will forever be grateful for her professional assistance. I can whole heartily recommend Claire and will not hesitate to use her services when/ if the situation requires. 
Daniela (surname withheld by request)

My boss resigned and gave me Claire as a parting gift.  It was the best present ever.  I have over 10 years line management experience and have read many self help and business books, reviewed websites, blogs, go the apps on my iPhone, etc etc.  So I thought I was pretty “cluey”. However I have to say I got more from my 3 months with Claire on how to look at and deal with situations differently than anything I have read or any other courses I have attended.  The fact I met with her every week was a great motivator and made my learning’s in real time.  I was able to use my challenges as case studies, trying out the theories and putting into practice what we had talked about.  This is the value of having a personal coach, someone by your side to support you and steer you in the right direction.  Reviewing and revisiting and sharpening your skills for the benefit of the next time.  Claire’s style is very gentle, provoking thought, at least in me.  I truly value the insight and tools Claire has given me.  My only regret is that my 3 months has ended.
Vicki Wallacy
Associate Director, i3 Pharma Resourcing


I feel so incredibly fortunate that our paths crossed at the time that they did.  Your life coaching has given me the confidence that I lacked and more to reach for the moon.  Throughout our sessions I found your skills to be an amazing mix of genuine care, compassion, enthusiasm and professionalism which lead to a wonderful connection and outstanding outcomes.
Yamini Gosai

A personal thank you from me. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing you make a difference in this world.  When I was first recommended to see Claire, I was typically sceptical but not dismissive.  After 20 years of marriage ( to a wonderful woman)  six children and 23 years of working heavy hours I had lost my way somewhat.  It evolved without my knowledge to the point where my wife was telling me she did not enjoy being with me as much as she used to.  I was also aware I was unhappy.  Confidence was also an enormous problem.  On the inside I was suffering.  Wanting to fix the situation but not knowing what process to take, I was happy to give it a go.  The first thing I would say is, you must give yourself to the program.  Trust the process and give it the energy it deserves, after all it’s your life.  As basic as it may sound, looking at all the positives in life was something I thought I was doing but clearly was not.  Claire helped me recognize where I was in my life and identified a clear process to get the good stuff going again.  By committing to the process, as uncomfortable that was at times, I have come out of it with clarity on where I have been and where I should be heading and more importantly a complete understanding of the tools I need to get there.  The time with Claire was at times confronting, emotional and funny.  It gave me time to pause and to really take a good look at who I am now, who I want to be and more importantly my relationship with the people I am responsible to and for.  The thinking that Claire brings to the table, it’s all great stuff.  I didn’t see or hear anything I thought was inaccurate or negative.  I totally enjoyed my time with Claire and found the whole thing resoundingly positive.  I now can recognize when I say or do something that is leading down the negative or unhappy path, stop myself, rearrange my words or actions so as to get correct outcome.  Now I have the tools to get on with it , I have regained the confidence do the job.  Even my Wife has acknowledged that my whole attitude is changed and that I am happy again.  It is without doubt that Claire has helped me and my life has changed course for the better.  Thank you Claire.
Peter Bernardi
Executive Director, Bernardi Group

I wanted to write to thank you so very much for all your support and guidance. Honestly my family and I cannot believe how much I have grown as a person and what has changed as a result.  You really pushed me to achieve things that I would have usually just let slip by me, your manner and professionalism really helped me to open up and get some fantastic results!  Thank you for guiding me in the right direction and pushing me to achieve my best.  I have honestly never been happier, I am so focused now and am learning and growing every day and I thank you for this.
Laura Hayes

Claire has the unique ability of being able to guide you along your personal journey as well as help you to uncover the elements in your life that are most important to you along the way. Her positivity allowed me to see each little event as ultimately being a part of the bigger picture and that life is to be enjoyed every day.
Kimberley Bassent