Authentic Empowerment Meditation Cd

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Guided meditation & relaxation

Mini-Breaks For Your Mind
Short guided meditations for instant relaxation.


This 40 minute digital CD comes in Mp3 format for you to listen to anywhere.  There are 4 guided meditations ranging from 6 minutes to 12 minutes each.  Perfect to listen to on the bus or train when on your way to or from work, during your lunch break or anytime you need to clear your mind quickly.

Meditation provides many benefits and can help you to:
• clear you mind
 • reduce stress
 • enter a relaxed state
 • enhance your immune system
 • reduce anxiety
 • improve creativity
 • enhance energy
 • assist you to control your thoughts
 • provide peace of mind
 • bring body, spirit and mind into harmony
 • build self confidence
 • decrease muscle tension
 • maintain emotional balance
 • improve your health
 • improve your concentration

Track 1 - Welcome

Your guide to using this digital CD.
Track 2 - Clearing Your Mind
Use this tool when your mind is cluttered or you need to focus on something important without distractions.
Track 3 - On the Beach
Be transported to your favourite beach and be warmed by the sun and soothed by the sounds of the sea.
Track 4 - Hot Bubble Bath
Mentally immerse yourself in a hot bubble bath for comfort and serenity.
Track 5 - Magic Carpet Ride
A fun metaphor for letting go of any limiting beliefs you may be holding.  Great for when your self-esteem is low or you are having self doubts.

These guided meditations offer a simple and highly effective relaxation and visualisation experience and will suit both beginners and the experienced.   All tracks are custom written and produced by Claire Hall and Authentic Empowerment and have been developed based on demand from clients.